Contract No. HY/2009/11 — Central - Wan Chai Bypass — North Point Reclamation


Construction Completed

Design and Construction Consultant:  

AECOM Asia Company Limited

Main Contractor:  

China Harbour Engineering Company Limited and China Road and Bridge Corporation Joint Venture

Construction Commencement Date:  

18 December 2009

Completion Date:  

7 November 2011

Contract Sum:  

HK$ 303.132 million


Contract Description

A new seawall will be built along the North Point shoreline and permanent reclamation of about 3.3 hectare will be carried out together with the associated drainage works. Hoarding underneath the Island Eastern Corridor near Waton Road with special design would be installed to separate the works area from the adjacent North point community, so as to minimize the impacts on the environment during construction.

The scope of the contract mainly includes:

Construction of permanent seawall and reclamation (about 3.3 hectares) at North Point between Power Street and the breakwater near Hing Fat Street;

Construction of temporary open channel connecting the outfalls along the existing seawall to new outfalls;

 construction of North Point Community Liaison Centre;

 relocation of existing marine refuse collection point at Watson Road;

 construction of special site hoarding underneath the Island Eastern Corridor near Watson Road; and

 Modification of stormwater drainage system at Oil Street.