Contract No. HY/2009/16 — Central – Wan Chai Bypass — Provision and Laying of Private Moorings


Construction Completed

Design and Construction Consultant:  

AECOM Asia Company Limited

Main Contractor:  

Yee Hop Engineering Co. Ltd

Construction Commencement Date:  

10 December 2009

Completed Date:  

31 May 2010 (including extension of time)

Contract Sum:  

HK$ 52 million


Contract Description

To facilitate construction of the tunnel in the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter (CBTS), the vessels in the Private Mooring Area will be relocated. The Aberdeen South Typhoon Shelter (ABDTS(S)) has been identified to provide the replacement mooring. Re-arrangement of the moorings in ABDTS(S) is necessary to accommodate additional vessels coming from CBTS, prior to the commencement of the tunnel contract at CBTS.

In order to temporarily accommodate all the concerned vessels from CBTS, the private moorings in ABDTS(S) need to be re-arranged in stages. The staged re-arrangement works include removal of existing mooring components and installation of new mooring components by work barges. Upon completion of the re-arrangement works, the vessels from CBTS could move into ABDTS(S) to vacate working spaces within CBTS such that the main tunnel (CBTS section) contract can commence.

The scope of the contract mainly includes:

Off-site fabrication of new mooring component;

Retrieval of existing mooring component and either dispose of them or re-use them in the works;

Installation of new mooring component and re-use existing mooring component to accord with the proposed mooring layout

Organize for the relocation of existing vessels in ABDTS(S) to new locations in the proposed mooring layout through staged rearrangement works; and

Provide assistance to Marine Department for relocating the vessels in ABDTS(S) including towing existing vessels between mooring spaces.